Showtime developing Neo-Nazi drama '4th Reich'


It's Showtime for Robert De Niro!!

De Niro and RosenthalThankfully I am not referring to the abysmal De Niro & Eddie Murphy police comedy from 2002. I'm talking about a scripted drama series in development at Showtime that De Niro will be producing, along with Jane Rosenthal.

And y'know how Showtime's slogan is "Brace Yourself?" Well now would be a good time to do that: the series in development is called '4th Reich,' following a group of Neo-Nazis in present day.

'4th Reich' is being described as 'American History X' meets 'The Town' and "is a high-octane crime thriller delving into race, religion, and politics through the lens of a dogmatic faction of the neo-Nazi movement in South Boston." When a former high-ranking Neo-Nazi leader is released by the authorities so that he may become a confidential informant to the FBI, he integrates back into his old life. What does he find when he returns? His estranged fifteen-year-old son has been brought into the movement by the man's best friend, who was raising the boy to lead the Brotherhood. The crux of the series will be about the main character as he is caught between two worlds, dealing with conflicting values and learning to change from his hateful roots.

The project was written on spec by Sonya Winton and Jonathan Kidd. The goal of '4th Reich' is to separate itself from other violent television shows by actually dealing with the repercussions of such violence in our lives. Rosenthal has particularly pushed for a "social justice" angle in the series, which Showtime and other producers are in favor of.

What do you think? Is the world ready for a deeper look into the fledgling American Neo-Nazi movement?


- Robert De Niro

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Jan 24th, 2013, 8:54 am

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I like some Showtime productions and will definitely give this show a thorough glance.

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Sounds interesting.

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