WGA makes nice with Comedy Central

WGAThe Writer's Guild of America - West has removed its stop-work notice against Comedy Central after a deal was reached between the WGA and Central Productions, the parent company of Comedy Central.

The agreement comes two months after the notice was initially issued. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Under this deal, WGA members can writer for Comedy Central programs again.

According to an email sent to WGA members, the deal includes “adoption of our industry-standard residual formula, and protection against Central Productions' past practice of hiring writers without a Guild deal in place.” 

Two weeks ago, the guild also reached a deal with Prospect Park involving ABC's One Life to Live and All My Children in their new, internet-only form. 

“As independent companies like Prospect Park step in to cover territory that used to be staked solely by the legacy media, we’ll be there,” said WGA president Chris Keyser, vice president Howard Rodman and secretary-treasurer Carl Gottlieb, in the email.

The email also contained information about the WGA's focus this year, as it looks to extend its reach into new media, video games, transmedia and nonfiction programming. Another area of concern is  “the epidemic of late pay that has become the bane of writers and their representatives alike," according to the email.

Does this deal make you more inclined to watch Comedy Central or not affect your viewing in any way? I wonder if this was in any way prompted by the news yesterday that Comedy Central was starting a station on SiriusXM.

- Comedy Central

Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 24th, 2013, 9:01 am

Images courtesy of Comedy Central

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