British telecaster orders roller derby program

Roller derby

In 1989-1990, American television viewers were introduced to RollerGames, which featured a theatrical roller derby league, complete with "good guys" and "bad guys". Even though the show did well, beating athletic programming such as American Gladiators (RollerGames did 4.7 national rating, while Gladiators only managed a 2.5 rating), its producers went bankrupt and we were without roller derby action until Roller Jam came to The Nashville Network (now Spike) 10 years later, where it lasted only two seasons (mainly because it was terrible).

British TV viewers are now going to get a taste of the roller derby, as Extreme Sports Channel is developing a "factual entertainment" series that will focus on the London Rollergirls league. Factual! Come on, Extreme Sports! We want storylines and drama!

The channel will air 13 half-hour episodes, under the Rampage Studios banner. It will debut this fall.

"We strive to bring our viewers the most adrenaline-fueled sporting action from a variety of disciplines. As soon as we saw the event and met the women involved, we knew that Roller Derby was a perfect fit for the channel," said Extreme Sports Channel general manager Tim MacMullen.

 "For many skaters roller derby is much more than a sport. It’s a way of life. The derby scene in the U.K. and Europe is massive, and the sport is very dear in the hearts of both the skaters and the fans," said Ben Campbell, series producer at Rampage Studio.

Now, what is it going to take for us American viewers to get some roller derby action going? Come on Violators!


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Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 24th, 2013, 9:17 am

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