"Girls" picked up by HBO for third season

Cast of HBO's Girls

“Girls” writer and star, Lena Dunham, let a little secret slip while talking to Alec Baldwin on his podcast. Her comedy series, which just won big at the “Golden Globes” (Best Comedy series and Best Actress), is going to be renewed for a third season! Season two began on January 13th, the night of the Globes.

Her excitement was just oozing out in her interview with Baldwin. “We’re starting season three at the end of March,” she said. “I’m so excited.”

Ratings have been up so far for Dunham’s “Girls”, with an increase from 1.1 million viewers across two airings to 1.6 million viewers across three airings. Dunham hinted in the interview that she may decide to up the number of episodes per season from ten to twelve.

“I would love that,” she said. “I don’t want to like – I don’t have any desire in doing like, you know, a 22 episode – I don’t even understand how someone does the 22 episode marathon. But I do think that doing – I think that a little more would be just a little more storytelling real estate and it would be amazing. But you know, so I shoot four-and-a-half months out of the year, then I’m editing, then I’m doing press, then I’m writing, then I’m back.”

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 25th, 2013, 4:07 am

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