Seriously injured 'Castle' stuntman improving in hospital

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Back on January 17, a freak accident occurred on the set of 'Castle' while filming a seemingly-innocuous stunt scene. On the Paramount Lot, a stuntman hoisted a guest actress onto a moving truck which then drove away; one slight problem: the door of the truck wouldn't shut and the pair were pitched from the Kieran Gallaghermoving vehicle to the pavement below.

The name of the stuntman who suffered serious head injuries is named Kieran Gallagher, known for his work as Ed Helms' stunt double on the 'Hangover' films. While Gallagher remains in hospital, his ventilator has recently been removed and he is "showing good signs of recovery." Gallagher's television credits include 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' and 'Raising Hope.'


Stunt work is often dangerous and always physically taxing, but the men and women who make a career of it live by a code of safety and trust. The only reason that we don't post stories like this one every single day is because of the strict professionalism of the stunt workers and choreographers that act as unsung heroes on any film set. Gallagher likely sustained his head injury while attempting to Karen Davidshield the guest actress he was hoisting from greater injury; her name is Karen David.

According to talent manager William Blaylock, "Karen was the actress in the scene with the stuntman. They fell from a moving van when a door would not shut. Karen was in the emergency room for hours being treated. She has been released but is in serious pain and has to wear a neck brace."

A terrible day on the job for David, best known for her role on 'Pixelface.' Stick with TV Rage for more information as both Gallagher and David recover from this scary accident.


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Written by: bad_subject
Jan 25th, 2013, 8:00 am

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