Don Cheadle talks 'House of Lies'

Since Showtime's "House of Lies" returned mid-January, it's safe to say the series has had the pedal to the metal. Golden Globe winning lead Don Cheadle spoke with Zap2It about the nature of being part of such an edgy world and getting back into his character's skin.

Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell

The ensemble cast of characters thrive in the fast-paced world of management consultants, constantly spinning less than ethical deals with less than ethical clients to stay one step ahead in the competitive field. Cheadle insists that life on the set is just as hectic. "We've [filmed] as many as seven to nine [script] pages [per day], which can be ridiculous. I guess the average day would be five pages, but it can be more. It's a blur. We're sometimes shooting three episodes at a time," the actor said. "One of the comments I get back a lot on the show is, 'It seems like it's over before it starts.' It's definitely something that's different from what I've done before in a popular sort of vein."

Cheadle sees the fast-paced, cynical tone of the series as a sign of the times, and especially appropriate for the subject matter the characters are knee deep in. "Topically, because of what's happening in the banking world and everything in general, this sort of speaks to this time when the curtain's pulled back on people who are just ruthless," Cheadle said. "We ended the first season with an evisceration of the firm's leadership, and there's a power vacuum now. We're still grappling with that in Season 2."

The actor relishes the challenge to play a character who is constantly turned up to eleven, but notes the challenges involved. "Obviously, I haven't played a character like this week in, week out. I've played characters who definitely have had some of the same aspects, but not as condensed and not as full-throttle," the actor explained. "These characters are all, in their own way, kind of cutthroat. They're jockeying for position and trying to maintain relationships that they threaten to destroy with every little move and deal that they make."

Check out Don Cheadle in the next new episode of "House of Lies", Sunday nights on Showtime!

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Jan 28th, 2013, 5:17 am

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