NBA player preparing hidden-camera show


The basketball career of Metta World Peace is winding down and it appears the National Basketball Association player has big plans for his life after the game.

World Peace, who changed his name to that a few years ago partially in an effort to improve his image (original name: Ron Artest), is shopping a hidden-camera prank series with a sports twist that he is calling Metta World Pranks.

The program will show World Peace and other athletes pranking one another, as well as their family, friends and even fans.

He is developing the program with LMNO Productions, who have worked on I Get That A Lot and Fire Me.

"Pranking and practical jokes are part of the athletic culture, so it comes naturally to Metta," said LMNO Productions president and CEO Eric Schotz. "Metta has a great sense of humor and this show will be a natural vehicle for him to showcase a side of his personality we don't get to see on the court."

World Peace called the show the ideal vehicle for him.

"This particular show will give me the opportunity to be funny, creative and entertain audiences -- all while being able to collaborate with my friends and colleagues. I can't think of a show idea that is more fun and a perfect fit for me," he said.

World Peace has appeared on Dancing With The Stars and on Punk'd in the past.

Would you watch this series? It does not sound that terrible, actually. I am not a World Peace fan...uhhh, let me rephrase that....I do not like the player formally known as Artest, but this sounds like it could be kind of fun.



- Ron Artest

Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 28th, 2013, 1:17 pm

Photo courtesy of Gawker.

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