The CW delays production of Wonder Woman pilot "Amazon"

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman curse strikes again. Back in 2011, NBC infamously rejected a David E. Kelly produced WW pilot starring Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki. The network deemed it unworthy of ever seeing the airwaves, but it has since been leaked online. It is also well known that various writers and producers have tried to get a theatrical take on the character going for years now, with no success. Things finally seemed to be looking up for Princess Diana of Themyscira, when the CW ordered a pilot for a new series entitled Amazon. Unfortunately, while the show might still premiere eventually, it won't be on the 2013 fall schedule.

Premlinary casting for the lead role began in November, while the script was still in development, but the CW has decided that the project could stand to receive further polish before it hits primetime. Thus, the network has elected to roll the pilot over to next season. This effectively means that a pick-up wouldn't happen until around next spring's upfronts, with a likely fall debut. It is also being speculated that the network may order an "off-cycle" pilot, and debut the show earlier, possibly during mid-season 2014. Of course, they may just pass on it again altogether, but I doubt they would purposefully keep the option open if that were their intention.

This decision is a bit of a letdown all around, as Amazon's concept was quickly sold to the CW after the better than expected success of Arrow. If all went according to plan, Wonder Woman was set to be a featured player in the new fall season. Sadly, everyone's favorite female member of the Justice League will have to remain on ice for now.

Are you disappointed that Amazon has been delayed?

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Written by: msd85
Jan 28th, 2013, 6:58 pm

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yeh cos im so wanting a justice league film and she is a key part of it

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