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TNT's "Dallas" cast: Hagman's death inspired phenomenal episodes

Larry Hagman

When “Dallas” legend Larry Hagman passes away last November, it came as a tragic blow to both fans and everyone involved in the new TNT revival. Hagman was only about halfway through filming the shows season, and after his passing writers had to make a mad scramble to rewrite the second half of the season to give Hagman a proper send of while still keeping the show on top. Last night’s episode of “Dallas” was the last of Hagman’s work to be broadcasted. The cast of the TNT show say that the terrible and sudden death of Hagman nonetheless has allowed the writers to create some fantastic episodes, and that the best is yet to come.

Jordana Brewster had kind words to say about the subject while on the red carpet for the annual EW’s SAG party on Saturday ““Larry’s death was terribly sad and sudden and we’d certainly rather make the show with him than without him. That said, I think the writers really came up with a brilliant way to cope with the loss. It could have ruined the show and derailed everyone but instead they made the best of it and actually came up with some really great stuff. It sets a lot of things in motion. We owe it to Larry to make the best show we possibly can. The last two scripts we have done since we came back have been phenomenal.”

Larry HagmanCo-star Jessie Metcalfe agreed wholeheartedly with Brewsters take on the new episodes. “The writers had to basically … rewrite the second half of the season. But because of that, and I hate to say this, but out of a terrible tragedy, we made some very great television … the writers really took a s–tty situation and made the best of it and the show doesn’t suffer any more than was unavoidable. It did not derail us.” Metcalf said. “Original fans of the show are going to be very pleased and surprised. But new fans will be able to still join in and find that updated feeling. The storylines are a little more complicated and more intricately interwoven this season. We’ve got some giant fights and deaths and all that classic Dallas drama.”

“Dallas” writers and producers have been very closed-mouthed on how Hagman’s passing will affect the storyline of the show. Writer-producer Cynthia Cidre said “This is a character who will have the last laugh, no matter what. What you’ll see unfold will be J.R.’s masterpiece.”

What did you think of Hagman’s send-off on “Dallas” last night?

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 29th, 2013, 5:03 am

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