Warner Bros gives green light to movie version of HBO series "Entourage"

Cast of HBO show Entourage

Last night, Warner Bros gave a big thumbs up to a movie version of the show “Entourage”, which ended its reign in 2011 after seven years. The film will be sticking closely with its series roots, as it will be directed by the series creator himself, Doug Ellin. Ellin wrote the screenplay as well as executive produced the series with Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson.

Deals are in the works already to get the original cast members signed on for the flick. Adrain Grenier (Chase), Kevin Connolly (Eric ‘E’ Murphy), Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and Jeremy Pivon (Ari Gold) have all been contacted about the opportunity and negotiations have likely already begun. You can of course expect that the movie will be chalk full of celebrities and Hollywood big-wigs strutting their stuff.

The studio has not released much more information about the project at this point, including the start date. The series ended with Ari giving up his job to spend more time with his loving wife – only to be offered his dream job running a film studio. It would be great to see the movie pick up where the series left off.

Are you pumped up about the “Entourage” movie? What do you think the storyline should be about?

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 30th, 2013, 5:37 am

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Message Posted On Jan 30th, 2013, 1:02 pm
was a pretty entertaining show I must say but more geared towards a specific crowd. Im definitely going to watch the movie :)
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