Former "Idol" contestant Corey Clark sues Fox for defamation

American Idol alum Corey Clark

Once again a former “American Idol” contestant is making headlines, this time it is Corey Clark from season 2. On Friday, the “Idol” alum filed a lawsuit against Fox, E! Entertainment (and others) claiming defamation over comments made about his departure from the show and his alleged affair with Paula Abdul. Clark says that these acts of defamation drove him to the edge, almost to the point of killing himself.

Corey ClarkThe suit, filed in Tennesse, claims “defamation and false light invasion of privacy” and consists of about 44 pages. When Clark auditioned for “Idol” back in 2002, he was a finalist before being disqualified for failing to disclose a previous arrest. Clark claims that he did disclose this information to “Idol” producers, and the charges were eventually dropped. Clark also feels that he was unfairly cast as the “villain” of the show without his knowledge or consent. Clark was involved in a brief “love affair” with “Idol” judge Paula Abdul, and although he has not publicly talked about the affair, he says that the senior producers were fully aware of the situation and that they used it as a reason to kick him off of the show.

Clark wrote a book in 2005 about his experiences on “Idol”, although it was never published. In an interview with ANC News he attempted to clear his name and explain why he was kicked off of “Idol” along with his and Abdul’s relationship. The interview aired on television, and Fox launched a private investigation into the claims, which they say found no solid evidence of the alleged affair.

Clark’s main gripe is that he feels his reputation has been damaged by this whole situation, and the fact that people think he make up his relationship with Abdul in particular. In the suit filed, Clark names the internal investigation by Fox, Fox’s statement, and the “E! True Hollywood Story” with Paula Abdul where the affair was denied as defamatory.

What do you think about Clark’s lawsuit and the allegations he has made against “Idol” and Fox?

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Written by: harrisr
Jan 30th, 2013, 5:39 am

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