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The Office

Last week, The Office finally revealed part of the documentary crew that has been filming in Scranton for nearly a decade. While it was a brief moment, which saw Brian the boom mic guy comforting Pam after an argument with Jim, it teased that more involvement with the film crew was coming our way.

Things have been rough for the Halpert family since Jim began working in Philadelphia at the sports marketing start-up. Greg Daniels, the showrunner, recently talked to Entertainment Weekly and teased that the next two episodes (which air back-to-back this Thursday), really look into their relationship.

"Pam and Jim have this incredible, intense bond that has developed over years and years of little workplace jokes and conversation, [and] the thing I think is so, like, disturbing, maybe, is the realization that there may have been another guy who was there in an invisible setting this entire time also participating in little jokes with them and killing enormous amounts of hours at work ... We’re having the kind of debates about what comes next [for Jim and Pam] that we had in the first seasons. So for me and for the writing staff, I’m pleased because we’re incredibly engaged in what happens — debating it and arguing it, obsessively reshooting it, polishing it and everything," he said.

Speculation online is that Pam might do something with Brian that forever changes her marriage. There's no way NBC would allow The Office to go off the air on such a negative note though, right?


That would be an incredibly brave move that people would be stunned by. But it would sure leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 30th, 2013, 2:45 pm

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