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TVRage Top Ten: Furry Co-Stars

Hello TVRagers, welcome to the first edition of “TVRage Top Ten”, where I count down my top ten favourite something’s from television. This time, we will be taking a look at my top ten favourite furry television co-stars. Those who know me would absolutely call me an animal lover. Those who live in my apartment know I talk to my dog more than is probably acceptable for any grown woman. So when TV shows have a pet thrown into the mix – you know I am going to take notice. Let’s dive right in.

#10. Hallie – American Horror Story

Hallie, American Horror StoryHallie is the Harmon’s family dog; although I don’t think Violet or Ben have any special attachments to her. Vivien bought the dog after some marital problems between her and Ben, and the dog is more of an accessory and a fluffy, growling, barking creature than anything else. Why does Hallie make it on to my list? Well, just look at her. I mean come on. The first time I saw her I had a violent internal struggle over whether or not I thought she was cute or ugly. She is cute in an ugly way…or maybe ugly in a cute way. I can’t decide. Apparently Hallie is what is known as a Poohuahua (Poodle/Chihuahua), which I have never seen or heard of before – maybe it is some weird L.A. thing.

Hallie isn’t completely useless though. If the Harmon’s had just listened to her bark at the house the first time they set foot in it, or even when she goes in the basement and barks at “something” that no one else can see, maybe they would have avoided the big old mess they got themselves into.

#9. Doc – Grey’s Anatomy

Doc, Grey's Anatomy

Doc – this hits a soft spot for me. I am one of those crazy die hard Grey’s Anatomy fans that has stuck it out all the way through (even when the show got completely awful for a few seasons). Doc is the dog that Meredith and Izzie buy to cheer themselves up when they are in their intern year at Seattle Grace

He helps Meredith and Derek become friends again after a big fallout (like, finding out Derek is married) and leads Meredith to Finn, who ultimately makes her realize what she wants most out of life. The episode where we say goodbye to Doc (02x27 “Losing My Religion”) still makes me tear up, and in my opinion, goes down as one of the most tear-jerking and dramatic episodes of a television show ever. Doc AND Denny Duquette?! Need I say more?

Doc had a loveable, scruffy face and a good heart. R.I.P. little buddy.

#8. Mr. Muggles – Heroes

Mr. Muggles, HeroesOh Mr. Muggles, what to say about you. Mr. Muggles is likely one of the most irritating television dog’s I have ever seen. He is a small, fluffy and yappy Pomeranian owned by Sandra Bennet, who often goes by other names (Little stud muffin, Little Fluffy). Mr. Muggles doesn’t seem to like anyone except Sandra and often becomes a pawn in situations that put the family in danger.

In season one alone, Mr. Muggles serves as a pawn for Sylar breaking into the Bennet’s house, and a prisoner to Ted Sprague and Mark Parkman.

This mostly useless dog makes the list because he served as comedic relief for me in the first season of Heroes and for his ridiculous name.

#7. Comet – Full House

Comet, Full HouseI am about to get a little nostalgic here. Full House was one of the best show’s to ever happen to my childhood, so to not include Comet would be a blasphemy for me. Comet was brought in during season three, when he was born to a dog name Minnie right on Jesse’s bed. One of my favourite episodes of Full House was “Comet’s Excellent Adventure” where he ran away while on a walk with Michelle and got to explore San Francisco with a pretty female Collie.

It should also be noted that Comet’s real name was Buddy. Not just any Buddy either, but Buddy from the movie Air Bud. After six seasons on Full House, Buddy went on to star in Air Bud, which was based on his life story. He was originally a stray in California, but was taken in by Kevin di Cicco and trained to play sports. Talk about a talented dog.

#6. Vincent – Lost

Vincent, Lost

Vincent, the loveable Golden Retriever that was unfortunate enough to be travelling aboard the fated Oceanic Flight 815. Michael and Walt were moving to the U.S., why wouldn’t they bring their dog with them?

A lot can be said about why Vincent is such an awesome TV show co-star. Found a few days after the crash by Locke, Vincent went on to be involved in a huge amount of important moments on the island. He seems to be present right before and during a lot of bad moments. Accidentally leading Walt into the path of a vicious polar bear, uncovering the bodies of Nikki and Paulo, and staying right by Jack’s side at the very end – just to name a few.

#5. Salem Saberhagen – Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Salem, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Yes, I fully realize Salem was not actually a real cat, but I think he fully makes up for that by being a comedic gold mine. When I was a young teen T.G.I.F. had the best shows, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was a big favourite of mine.

Salem used to be a warlock, before he was sentenced to 100 years as an American Shorthair cat by the Witch’s Council, without any magical powers, for his attempt to take over the world. Salem was snarky, witty, funny and full of one-liners and puns. His over the top antics, sobbing, yelling and melodrama were exactly what I loved the most about him.

#4. Rowdy – Scrubs

Rowdy, Scrubs

Rowdy is funnily enough the least Rowdy out of them all on this top ten list. Rowdy is J.D. and Turk’s stuffed Labrador. He was never actually alive during any of the show’s seasons, but he is still an important mention on this list. Pretty much everyone but J.D. and Turk think Rowdy is creepy and weird. Rowdy is often found in places you would least expect him, and according to his owners, is excitable and sometimes vicious. Whatever others may think, Rowdy is probably the most well behaved dog in television history.

Good boy Rowdy, good boy.


#3. Santa’s Little Helper – The Simpsons

Santa's Little Helper, The Simpsons

Santa’s Little Helper didn’t make my top two simply because he is an animated dog. I like my animals to be real. That being said, Santa’s Little Helper does take the top of the “I can’t believe this dog is still alive” list. The poor thing looks half starved, gets treated horribly, is dumb as a stump and has been lost probably too many times to count.

Santa’s Little Helper is likely the oldest living (although maybe he doesn’t count, because he isn’t actually real…) dog on television, and for that reason, he makes it to the honourable number three on this list.

#2. Marcel – Friends

Marcel, FriendsThis list could not be complete without Marcel. Marcel is Ross’ pet capuchin monkey. Marcel sits on Ross’ shoulder and provides him with much needed comic relief. Marcel has an illustrious film career after he is parted from Ross, including a Monkeyshine Beer commercial, a movie with Jean Claude Vann Damme, and Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan.

The episode where Marcel repeatedly blasts “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is a classic Friends moment.

Cheeky little fella!

#1. The Chick and Duck  - Friends

The Chick and Duck, Friends

That’s right, another Friends furry friend. Besides being almost completely un-trainable and absolutely illegal to have in an apartment, the Chick and Duck are just good TV fun. I expected nothing less from Chandler and Joey’s pets, and countless moments in the show feature these two quacks.

Joey purchased them for Chandler as a gift, and the pair treats them as their children throughout much of the series. Most everyone else hates the Chick and Duck, but they live long healthy lives (as far as farm animals are concerned I suppose) and go to a special farm when they grow old and can play with all the other chicks and ducks. Actually, they die of old age, although it isn’t shown on camera (just don’t tell Joey…).

These two birds are my #1 choice because although they are not completely central to the plot of the show, they were cute, funny and 100% represented the silly and solid friendship between Chandler and Joey.


Who is your favourite furry tv co-star? Have any top ten countdowns you would like to see?  Sound off in the comments!



Message Posted On Jan 31st, 2013, 8:26 pm
Without a doubt my 2 favorite TV animals would have to be...Animal from the Muppets, and Alf form the show Alf....maybe a little before your time

(Crazed Contributor)

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Message Posted On Jan 31st, 2013, 6:07 am

Good list, even if I'm not familiar with all of your picks. Comet, Vincent, Salem, and Rowdy are my favorites. I like Santa's Little Helper too, but Snowball II has always been my favorite Simpsons pet, outside of maybe Stampy, Bart's short-lived pet elephant.


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