Al Gore discusses Current sale to Al Jazeera

GoreA lot has been written recently about the decision to sell Current TV to Al Jazeera, which is headquartered in the Middle Eastern country of Qatar. The sale was for $500 million, with $100 million of that going to former vice president Al Gore, the most famous owner of the group.

Last night Gore talked to The Daily Show host Jon Stewart about the sale, defending it and saying Al Jazeera will be a good fit in the American media.

"I'm proud of the transaction. It's going to really be a positive addition to the U.S. media landscape," Gore said. "[Al Jazeera] has the highest quality, most extensive, best climate coverage of any network in the world... They're very, very good."

Stewart asked some tough questions, as well as if mogul Al Gore could get along with activist Al Gore, as well as if he looked for a "more sustainable choice to sell to."

Gore defended Al Jazeera's journalism, saying that they presented "24/7 commercial-free outstanding news reporting and do thorough coverage to the climate issue," which has become one of Gore's personal main causes.

"In your cost-benefit analysis, one of the major factors would be, I would think, sustainability. You had an opportunity to make a statement, probably, about your principles," Stewart said. "And for some people would feel -- and me as well, I thought it was an odd move, not because of some of the other things, but because it's backed by fossil fuel money... Can you see how people at home might think, 'Well he's asking me in my life to make choices about light bulbs, and the cost-benefit analysis, for the purpose of sustainability, when I just want to see my book.'"

Gore said he understands how some people view that, but said that Qatar was committed to switching to renewable energy.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Jan 31st, 2013, 1:01 pm

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