Kristen Bell talks Showtime's 'House of Lies'

Showtime's fast paced dramedy "House of Lies" has been firing on all cylinders in its second season. Lead actress Kristen Bell spoke with Zap2It about her character on the show and what motivates her.

Kristen Bell

The actress sees her tough and confident character Jeannie as less a role model for career driven women, and more symptomatic of the environment and line of work she tackles daily. "When Matt Carnahan [the show's creator and executive producer] was first writing her, we were both really clear that we didn't want her to be a caricature of a woman in any industry. We just wanted her to have confidence and have that be the reason that she's moved up... but also have that extreme hunger that allows you to continue to accelerate your career," Bell explained. "It happens with men, too, that when a lot of people get to a high position, it's not nearly as satisfying as they had hoped. And the next goal of getting to the next-higher position is all they can think about."

While many praised the series' first season, the Showtime series' sophomore effort seems to really find the show's creativity hitting its stride. Bell insists that even without the series' recent accolades, including Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for lead actor Don Cheadle, she would still remain loyal to its cast and crew until the end. "Even if this was never acknowledged by anyone, or even if no one watched it, I would still go into work every day -- and it has nothing to do with talking about craft or writing or any of that character-arc stuff," the actress said.

Rather, her time on the series, much like her time on cult-favorite "Veronica Mars," is highlighted by strong bonds with the show's creators and her peers. She continued, "These human beings that I come into contact with have just created so much happiness in my life. They are so wonderful to work with, and Don is the best captain you could ever hope for. It's just an exceptional environment to be in."

Don't miss the new episode of "House of Lies" next Sunday night on Showtime!

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Feb 3rd, 2013, 1:17 pm

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