Justified: Promo pics for Tuesday's episode reveal Raylan and Boyd together again, finally

Justified's fourth season is shaping up to be its most intriguing yet. Instead of following the formula from the previous two seasons and introducing a new villain(s) as the plot point, the fourth season looks to be building tension amongst its existing characters, pitting them against one another as the season slowly builds toward what will undoubtedly be a surprising finish (and that's not even counting the Panamanian diplomat's bag). 

But one thing that's been interesting about season 4 so far is the fact that, for the entire season so far, the show's two main characters haven't shared a scene. Both have been dealing with personal nuisances in their lives: Raylan dealt with a duplicitous girlfriend and her violent ex-husband, while Boyd took down a preacher whose church was threatening his business. There are plenty of parallels between how the two have spent the early part of the season, but, being parallel, the storylines haven't crossed yet. Thankfully, the lack of Raylan/Boyd interaction comes to an end with Tuesday's episode, "Kin." New promotional photos from the episode show Raylan and Boyd sitting on the floor against some ratty-looking wooden wall, looking a little exasperated. Could Raylan and Boyd become allies against the Wynn Duffy/Johnny Crowder alliance that is starting to come together? Seeing as Duffy features quite heavily into the promotional photos for the episode, it seems likely. 

These promo photos don't give us any update on the Ellen May/Colton Rhodes cliffhanger that last week's episode left us with, leaving us to wonder: are we going to have to wait another week to find out what exactly happened? My guess is that Colton will claim to have killed Ellen May, only for her to show back up with a vengeance later.

Check out the promo photos for "Kin," below. The episode airs Tuesday at 10/9c on FX. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Feb 4th, 2013, 12:04 am

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In complete agreement with the Ellen May storyline. I've been extremely happy with the way the storyline hsa unfolded thus far this season. Will a little suspense and WTF at the end of each episode. Hoping to see a little more of Old Man Givens.

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