'Justified' stuntwoman sues over injuries

There's no denying that the life of a stuntperson is a dangerous one. However, one woman injured on the set of FX's "Justified" feels that the show's production was particularly negligent for a stunt that left her broken and mentally scarred.


Lisa Hoyle, who worked as a stuntwoman on the series in 2011, has filed suit against Sony Pictures and various individuals associated with the series' production. The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, alleges that she and another stuntperson (Allan Robinson) were were not alerted to one particular stunt in which a vehicle crashed into a parked car. Hoyle blames the method in which Sony Pictures conducts its safety guidance and production as a prime reason for the accident and the injuries she sustained.

Unfortunately for Hoyle, she was standing next to the parked car during the collision. According to the complaint, the resulting crash pushed the car into Hoyle, "running over Hoyle's ankle and impacting Hoyle's body and head, knocking her unconscious." The injuries sustained from the collision included an open head fracture, soft tissue injuries, as well as bruising and cuts. Hoyle was reportedly off the set during the day's safety meeting which included a briefing on the stunt and the hazards involved, and was not informed when she returned to filming. The stuntwoman also blames the accident and injuries as heavily contributing to the deterioration of her marriage from husband Robert Jakubik.

So far, no dollar amount has been specified in the lawsuit. However, given the injuries and the deep pockets of the parties Hoyle sees as responsible, it would be fair to say she is looking for more than the cost of her hospital bills.

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Written by: kyleiam
Feb 4th, 2013, 8:39 am

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