10 Current TV Characters We Love To Hate

If you’re a huge TV fan, then you know how easy it is to become invested in shows, characters and storylines. We become passionate about the stories, the heroes and the heroines of our favorite series. Just as much as we love these protagonists, we also love the villains. Here are 10 current TV characters we love to hate, and sometimes like better than the good guys.

1. John Ross Ewing aka Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson as John Ross on Dallas
Josh Henderson is no stranger to playing the bad guy. Currently, he plays the scandalous, yet sexy, John Ross Ewing on TNT’s “Dallas.” He does what he wants, when he wants, and at times, gets what he wants. As J.R.’s (Larry Hagman) son, he does the man proud, as his dad basically started the Ewing family feud. From sleeping with his cousin’s pregnant ex-wife to trying to steal Southfork from his Uncle Bobby to going to prison for his former lover’s death, Henderson makes being bad look easy. He was made for the part and is doing Hagman proud.

2. Victoria Grayson aka Madeleine Stowe
Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson on Revenge
How can someone look so good on the outside, and be so evil on the inside? Madeleine Stowe exudes just that on ABC’s hit drama “Revenge.” She plays rich socialite Victoria Grayson who has some major secrets swept under the rug. She is partly responsible for Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) dad’s death, not to mention his incarceration for terrorism, which he had nothing to do with. The best part? Victoria slept with David resulting in a major love affair and a lovechild. Talk about being a bad girl.

3. Klaus aka Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries
This is one Englishman you don’t want to mess with. Joseph Morgan stars as Klaus on The CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” and plays one scary original vampire werewolf aka hybrid living in Mystic Falls. He kills anything and anyone that gets in his way of keeping Elena human, and alive, so he can use her blood to make more hybrids for his army. He’s even managed to fall in love with fellow vampire Caroline (Candice Accola). Morgan has done such a good job playing evil; he might have his own spinoff called “The Originals.”

4. Emma Hill aka Valorie Curry
Valorie Curry as Emma Hill on The Following
Even though “The Following” just started on FOX it’s one of the top rated shows, and one of the creepiest. Speaking of creepy, Valorie Curry plays disturbing Emma Hill. We don’t know that much about her, but we do know she killed her mother, is doing serial killer Joe Carroll’s (James Purefoy) bidding, while he’s behind bars, and kidnapped Carroll’s son. That qualifies for ominous, no?

5. Crowley aka Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppar as Crowley on Supernatural
Fans of “Supernatural” love to hate demon Crowley. Played by Mark Sheppard, Crowley has tormented Dean and Sam Winchester (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki) since Season 5. He’s managed to turn their own grandfather against them and even partnered with Castiel (Misha Collins) when everybody’s favorite angel was trying to take over heaven and break open purgatory. Presently, the Winchester boys are trying to eliminate Crowley and his minions for good. Crowley hasn’t taken to that lightly.

6. Mona Vanderwaal aka Janel Parrish
Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars
Janel Parrish plays crazy Mona to a T on ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars.” Mona continues to torment Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, and isn’t going to stop anytime soon. She breathes crazy; after all she did spend time in a mental facility, and escaped a time or two. From learning the girls’ secrets and using each one against them to kissing Hanna’s boyfriend intentionally to working side by side with hottie and “A” team member Toby (Keegan Allen), she’s one hated girl.

7. Johnny Rizzo aka Michael Wiseman
Michael Wiseman as Johnny Rizzo on Vegas
It doesn’t get more threatening than a Chicago mobster on the CBS hit “Vegas.” Michael Wiseman portrays hothead Johnny Rizzo, and does it splendidly. He’s definitely one man you’d want to avoid. He intimidates by killing, and never feels an ounce of guilt. Most recently, he learned his daughter Mia (Sarah Jones) is dating rancher/Deputy Jack Lamb (Jason O’Mara). Rizzo took matters into his own hands by kidnapping Jack. Warning, if you haven’t watched the latest episode, read no further. Jack fought back and killed Rizzo. Yikes! Sometimes being bad sure has its consequences.

8. Cora aka Barbara Hershey
Barbara Hershey as Cora on Once Upon a Time
Barbara Hershey has been part of the acting world for some time now, and she never disappoints. She now stars as the Evil Queen/Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) vengeful mother, Cora, on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time.” In addition to having magic on her side, Cora lies, cheats, steals and kills to get her way. Furthermore, she’s a horrible mother. Cora killed Regina’s one true love; forced her to marry Snow White’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) father; and passed on her scornful traits to her only daughter. Like mother, like daughter.

9. Louis Litt aka Rick Hoffman
Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt on Suits
Not only is Rick Hoffman a genius actor, but he’s one man who surely knows how to get the audience to hate him, love him and feel bad for him all at once. He does precisely that on USA Network’s “Suits” as Louis Litt. Louis desperately tries to be Harvey Specter’s (Gabriel Macht) friend, but Harvey is strongly against it. One of his boldest, and stupidest, moves was going against Harvey and taking Daniel Hardman’s (David Costabile) side at Pearson Hardman. Fortunately, it worked out for Louis and he’s now senior partner. This time, being wrong turned out right for Louis.

10. Adalind Schade aka Claire Coffee
Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade on Grimm
NBC’s “Grimm” is a huge supernatural hit. There are so many beasts on the show, it’s hard to pick just one to hate. However, Claire Coffee’s portrayal of former Hexenbiest Adalind Schade is probably the most despised character on the series. Adalind poisoned Nick’s (David Giuntoli) girlfriend and erased her every memory of him. Not to mention, pushing Nick’s girlfriend into the arms of another man. Oh, and she almost killed Nick’s best friend. Coffee is now a series regular, so she will be up to no good for a long time coming.

These actors and actresses have defined their roles on TV as liars, cheaters, killers, thieves and backstabbers, making it hard for us to see them play other roles. That just means they’re damn good at their job. Who would you add to the list?


Message Posted On Feb 5th, 2013, 12:23 pm
I would list Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy. I really hate that guy...

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Message Posted On Feb 5th, 2013, 11:06 am

To be fair, you love to hate Mark Sheppard in everything from Leverage to Firefly. He's such an awesome go to bad guy. He was even a bit evil in Battlestar Galactica.

The only thing we loved him in was Doctor Who. 


Message Posted On Feb 4th, 2013, 12:20 pm
Nikita's Percey was so evil, but met his demise in last year's finale. Also, Person of Interest have several truly devious antagonists - Elias, Root, HR Boss, Officer Simmons. And how about Revolution's vilains - General Monroe and Major Neville ? Or Arrow's villains ? Hell, House of Cards must have tons of spiteful asshole.

Message Posted On Feb 4th, 2013, 11:59 am
what about walter white? after season 4 i sure as hell love to hate him :)

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Message Posted On Feb 4th, 2013, 11:11 am

Great list! I love Crowley.

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