More than half of Canada views (at least) part of Super Bowl


Last night's Super Bowl XLVII has become the second-highest rated American football broadcast in history, with almost 18.2 million Canadians viewing at least part of the game.

The show, which was broadcast on CTV and RDS, was viewed by 7.33 million viewers, which is actually down from last year's game, which drew 8.2 million. These numbers are courtesy of BBM Canada.

The Ravens' victory over the 49ers also is the highest rated program in Canada this year, all one month and four days of it.

While 7.33 was the cumulative rating, that number spiked when Beyoncé took the stage to perform the half-time show. Beyoncé’s performance drew 9.4 million Canadian viewers.

The Super Bowl's lengthy power outage related delay did not appear to hurt the ratings for the debut episode of Motive, which aired on CTV following the game. 1.23 million viewers turned into the cop drama, which has been picked up by ABC as part of its summer line-up. Motive stars Kristin Lehman as detective Angie Flynn. 

To any of our Canadian readers, what level of interest did you have in the game? How many National Football League games are aired up there? Do you prefer the CFL to the NFL?



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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 4th, 2013, 5:10 pm

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Message Posted On Feb 8th, 2013, 12:01 pm

I am a Canadian reader as well.

Probably 5-10 NFL games are aired here, depending on the programming you subscribe to. I watch mostly on the US network feeds, but Sunday Ticket is available as part of a package.

I love the NFL, along with US college football. I cannot stand the CFL, I find it has a vast lack of talent.

Also, I do not watch hockey either, but I do like basketball and baseball.


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Well, I'm one of your Canadian readers, but I think my answers will likely skew your results :-)  I had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the game.  As to CFL vs NFL, I don't prefer one over the fact, I effectively don't watch any sports events at all.  Not football, not hockey (yes, I know, blasphemy!!), not baseball, not soccer, not...well, you get the idea :-)  There is only *one* sport event that I *do* have an interest in...Formula 1 racing.  But that's it.


As to how many NFL games air on Canadian stations/channels, I've never really noticed them listed, even though I check TV listings every you may have guessed, I kinda ignore/don't notice listings for sport events :-)  The answer is actually irrelevant anyway; we get all the American broadcast networks and many of the American cable/satellite channels up here via our own cable/satellite systems, so even if no NFL games air on Canadian stations/channels, most anyone wanting to watch one would just turn to ABC or ESPN or (pretty much) where-ever and watch it.


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