Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco talks Sunday's power outage on "Letterman"

Joe Flacco on David Letterman

Super Bowl MVP, and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, had a lot to be thankful for when he visited David Letterman on his show last night. Still in very high spirits, Flacco joked with Letterman about Sunday’s power outage in the Superdome which he found to be pretty funny.

Letterman asked Flacco if the power outage, which delayed the Super Bowl for a full 35 minutes, was at all “unnerving” to him as a player. "I just thought it was a little strange," Flacco said. "It was kind of funny. I mean, some of our guys had a good time with it. Jacoby Jones is from New Orleans, so he started to look into the crowd and get them all going and had a lot of fun with it.  We didn’t play too well afterwards, but ... I don't know if that was the reason."

Joe Flacco at the Super Bowl SundayWhen the Superdome went dark, the game was in the third quarter and the Ravens were winning by a score of 28-6. When the lights came back on, it seemed that the 49ers had been rallied, and they almost evened up the score by the end. The Ravens still came out on top though, with a nail bitingly close score of 34-31.

Flacco says that it was stressful for his family at home. "Believe me, don’t get me started," he said. "My dad is a big conspiracy theorist, so, you know, that’s the last thing we need to talk about."

Did you check out Flacco’s appearance on “Letterman” last night? What did you think of the MVP’s interview?

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Feb 5th, 2013, 5:33 am

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