TV movie trailer released: HBO's 'Phil Spector'


It would seem that HBO is looking for the triple-crown (Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG) for made-for-television movies next year; a film starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren is going to turn heads no matter what the subject matter. But it just so happens that the subject matter is the trial and conviction of music producing legend Phil Spector for the death of actress Lana Clarkson. Oh, and, I forgot to mention: it is written and directed by living legend David Mamet.

Al Pacino as Phil Spector

In 2003, the body of Lana Clarkson ('Deathstalker,' 'Barbarian Queen') was found in the mansion home of Phil Spector (to be played by Al Pacino). Spector had called the police saying "I think I've killed someone," later explaining the death in his view was "accidental suicide" when Clarkson "kissed the gun." A massively-public trial ensued where Spector was represented by Defense Attorney Linda Kenney Baden (to be played by Helen Mirren).

The biopic was written and directed by David Mamet ('Glengarry Glen Ross,' 'State & Main,' 'Redbelt') which focuses mainly on the relationship between Baden and Spector himself. The trailer for the hotly anticipated TV movie can be viewed below:


'Phil Spector' marks Mamet's first television work since the series 'The Unit' went off the air in 2009. Pacino recently starred in the HBO biopic 'You Don't Know Jack' about Jack Kevorkian, an advocate and practitioner of doctor-assisted suicide. After the success of 'You Don't Know Jack' and this year's 'Game Change,' it would seem that made-for-television films have come back into vogue.

The Academy Award winning Helen Mirren has been popping up in comedies, dramas and television lately, including two uncredited cameos as the character Becky's inner voice on 'Glee.' She most recently appeared as Alma Reville in 'Hitchcock.'

'Phil Spector' debuts on HBO on March 24 at 9:00pm EST.


- Al Pacino
- Helen Mirren

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Feb 5th, 2013, 9:32 am

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Message Posted On Feb 15th, 2013, 12:44 pm
Why wait until March 24th you can stream a hot indie movie now and witness the black comedy that went down between Phil Spector and Lana Clarkson. Google: Phil Specor Incident: I Think I Just Shot Her
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