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Rick, The Walking Dead

In honor of the return of everyone’s favourite zombie killing melee show this coming Sunday, I dedicate this week’s Top Ten list to the those moments on The Walking Dead that made you want to hide behind your pillow and rock yourself to sleep while you cry. I feel like after almost a full three seasons of blood, guts and teeth-clenching, face-pulling zombie kills that I should be desensitized to pretty much anything that The Walking Dead throws at me. The gore still creeps up on me when I least expect it. There is nothing like a bloody, walking, biting, thrashing corpse to end off a nice weekend, am I right? The following Top Ten list will outline those moments in the show which made me lose my appetite for a few hours.

It is a good old fashioned gross-out challenge, let’s get started.

10. Bicycle Girl – 1x01 “Days Gone Bye”

Bicycle Girl - The Walking Dead

This moment in the series opener of The Walking Dead is what stood out the most to me from the pilot. After escaping the hospital, Rick is confused and terrified, stumbling around the city trying to make sense of what has happened while he was in a coma. In a field he finds a walker which is known best as “Bicycle Girl” to fans. She has completely lost the lower half of her body and is dejectedly dragging herself across the lawn in an effort to reach Rick. Rick grabs a nearby bicycle and fleas. This moment, while being leaps and bounds less bloody than the rest on the list, was one that set the tone for the rest of the series – and the special effects were fantastic.

9. Otis – 2x03 “Save the Last One”

Otis - The Walking Dead

Poor Otis, he really never saw it coming. Otis, trying to make up for the horrible accident he caused that has Carl at deaths door, accompanies Shane to gather medical supplies. Little does he know that Shane’s reign of terror is about to hit a peak. Shane and Otis are escaping from a mob of walkers hunting them down. Instead of staying back a few more seconds to help Otis escape, Shane shoots him in the leg and offers him up as a sacrificial lamb to the horde. This moment was oh so gross for the obvious reasons (the whole Otis being ripped to shreds thing…) and because it showed the level of depravity Shane had reached and his loss of humanity.

8. Horse Meat – 1x01 “Days Gone Bye”

Dead horse - The Walking Dead

I always seem to be affected pretty badly by the loss of animals in television shows and movies. I know it isn’t real, but when the innocent critters get killed I feel this uncontrollable moral outrage. When Rick gallops into Atlanta on his noble steed, he is quickly overtaken by a hungry hoard of walkers. As they overwhelm Rick, he is forced to abandon his horse, which is quickly devoured by the walkers. An overhead shot shows them ripping it apart. No blood or guts were spared in the making of this scene.

7. Give Me A Hand – 3x07 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Zombie arm - The Walking Dead

This moment in the series could also be found on a list of “Top Ten Reasons Glenn is a bad ass”, but it was still pretty gross nonetheless. Trapped with Maggie in a holding cell after being beaten and interrogated by Merle, Glen fashions himself a weapon out of the few supplies he has around – that is, a dead walker body to be precise. Ripping the walker apart with his bare hands, Glen grabs a bone from the walkers arm to use as a weapon and hands it to Maggie. No biggie.

6. R.I.P. Lori – 3x05 “Say the Word”

Zombie ate Lori - The Walking Dead

Rick goes a tad bit crazy when he hears of the death of his wife Lori, and goes on a walker killing rampage. Exhausted, Rick stumbles upon the room Lori gave birth and subsequently died in. Lo and behold, she has been eaten by a walker – because having her own son shoot her in the head after a messy and painful C-section was not nearly gruesome enough. The moment when Rick makes this realization, and then sits on the floor next to the walker filled to burst with Lori’s remains had me wanting to crawl underneath my bed for a few days to escape the situation. The walking has bits of Lori’s hair in its hands and mouth as it reaches lazily towards Rick. The parallel between the pregnant looking zombie and the previously pregnant woman it consumed was poignant and tragic, but all I could think was “Oh god, oh god please don’t cut it open Rick”.

5. Did This Zombie Eat Sophia? – 2x01 “What Lies Ahead”

Daryl and Rick cut open zombie - The Walking Dead

In a somewhat similar situation, in the opening episode of season two of The Walking Dead, the group is out searching for Sophia after she is chased into the woods by a pack of wandering walkers. Rick and Daryl come across a walker which has very obviously had a fresh meal. Did this zombie eat Sophia? There is only one way to know for sure. Rick and Daryl slice into the walker’s stomach and rummage around in its guts trying to discover its last meal. Fortunately, she is not in there, but that doesn’t make this scene any less gross. The suspense between discovering the contents of the walker’s stomach combined with the image of the same was a ‘hide my face behind my pillow’ moment.

4. Bye-Bye Hershel’s Leg – 3x01 “Seed”

Hershel's leg cut off - The Walking Dead

I don’t think this one needs much explanation. They cut off Hershel’s leg. Ick, ick, no, gross. I realize it was completely necessary if they wanted him to live, and their conditions were not exactly ideal, but when Rick started hacking away at the old man’s leg I almost gouged my eyes out raking my fingers down my face.

3. Guts for Camo – 1x02 “Guts”

Glen and Rick wear guts - The Walking Dead

I’m not sure I was adequately prepared for this moment in the second episode of the series; however, I can say that after this little incident I had a good understanding of the fact that there were very few “gross” boundaries the show wouldn’t cross. This is likely the most memorable “gross-out” moment for fans of the show. In a last ditch effort to make it out alive among a crowd of hungry walkers in Atlanta, Glen and Rick make themselves some all-natural camouflage. Using an axe to bludgeon a sacrificial walker, the pair douses themselves in walker guts to disguise their scent and walk undetected among the herd.

2. Zombie in the Well – 2x04 “Cherokee Rose”

Zombie in the well - The Walking Dead

I need to take a quick moment to compose myself before talking about this one. It was a real toss-up between the top two moments about which one made me question my sanity in watching this show the most. Okay, so the gang is all gathered at Hershel’s farm and discover that a walker has made a nice cozy little home for itself at the bottom of a well full of drinking water. What to do, what to do. Tying a rope around the thing and hoisting it out of its little wading pool seems like a reasonable option, until they reach the top and the water soaked, bloated walker splits in two. Its insides spill out and cascade down into the well. There goes that source of drinking water…and my lunch.

1. Guard’s Face Rips Off – 3x01 “Seed”

The number one spot on this list is taken by a moment in the first episode of season three that had me screaming out loud a little bit. The Ricktatorship is in full swing and Rick and the gang are securing the perimeters of the prison. When they find that some of the prison walkers are in full riot gear, the only way to kill them is to get under those helmets. When Rick pushes the walker to the ground and rips off its riot mask, a little more than mask comes off with it. Maybe it was the crazy momentum of the first episode or I just didn’t expect this level of “gross”, but this skin ripping moment tops my list of The Walking Dead Gross-Out’s. Here, you can watch it for yourself!

Four more days until the midseason premiere! 

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