Emma Roberts cast as lead in "Delirium"

Emma Roberts

Fox’s new drama pilot, “Delirium”, from Karyn Usher has cast their leading lady! Actress Emma Roberts has landed the lead role of 17-year-old Lena Holoway in “Delirium”, which will mark her return to television. Roberts has spent the past few years focuses on film projects, but her rise to fame began when she was a star on the Nickelodeon series “Unfabulous”.

“Delirium” is based off of the bestselling novels by Lauren Oliver. The novels are part of a trilogy which details a world where it has become illegal to be in love. Love is treated like a disease and is often referred to as “the delirium”. Coincidentally, love can be eradicated through a simple procedure. Lena Holoway has only 95 days until her treatment is scheduled when she falls in love. Oops. The series is being executive produced by Karyn Usher along with Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope and Paula Mzur. Some of Usher’s previous work includes producing twenty four episodes of “Prison Break” and writing for “One Tree Hill”, “North Shore” and “The Lyon’s Den”.

Emma Roberts, whom most people can guess from her warm smile and good looks, is the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts.

- Emma Roberts
- Karyn Usher

Written by: harrisr
Feb 8th, 2013, 5:01 am

Images courtesy of FOX

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