CNN's Anderson Cooper received package from murderer ex-cop Dorner

In covering a news story, reporters often find themselves embedded in the situation at hand, but CNN anchor Anderson Cooper likely never thought he would play such an integral part in one of the most chilling news stories of the year so far.

Anderson Cooper and Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who has reportedly waged war against the department he feels fired him unjustly, evidently sent the CNN anchor a package several days before beginning his killing spree.

The package was received by Cooper's office on February 1st, two days before Dorner allegedly murdered Monica Quan, the daughter of Dorner's LAPD captain and legal representative in his 2008 dismissal hearing, along with her fiance Keith Lawrence. Cooper says he and his staff only became aware of the package on Thursday.

The package contained Dorner's 'Challenge Coin' -- a personal coin given to officers enlisted in the military and heading overseas -- wrapped in duct tape with the message "Thanks but no thanks Will Bratton," referring to the former Los Angeles police chief.

Additionally, the package contained a DVD as well as a note reading, in part: "I never lied! Here is my vindication. Evans kicked the suspect." This again refers to the case which led to Dorner's dismissal, in which he claimed that his field training officer Sergeant Teresa Evans had kicked a mentally disabled suspect during an arrest. Dorner was later dismissed for "making false statements about his training officer." The DVD reportedly contains testimony that corroborates Dorner's claims, according to the CNN anchor.

The manhunt continues for Dorner, as authorities confirmed that his vehicle was found in flames Thursday evening by Big Bear Lake.

- Anderson Cooper

Written by: kyleiam
Feb 8th, 2013, 8:26 am

Images courtesy of CNN

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