'Survivor' host previews Fans tribe members

The new season of CBS' "Survivor" is just around the corner, bringing past competitors of the game back for a second chance at the million dollar prize. The 'Favorites' tribe -- comprised of last season's Malcolm Freberg, the eccentric Brandon Hantz and many others -- will square off against a tribe made up of ultimate fans of the long-running reality series. Host Jeff Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly to give viewers a preview of the eclectic collection of challenge rookies and what they may bring to the game.

Jeff Probst

Included in the 'Fans' tribe are:

- Shamar Thomas - "...a former marine who is kind of infamous for being involved with Occupy Wall Street. You can find him on Youtube. He’s a guy who stood up to the police. He’s a very big guy physically. And I think he sees himself as a martyr. That was my take. 'I am a martyr for the United States of America. I will do anything I need to make this country a better, safer place, even if it comes at my own expense.' So that was my take on him going into the game — a very big personality that people are either going to absolutely adore like a big teddy bear or be turned off by because he’s got too much bravado. That’s his question. And he certainly sees himself as a very approachable, likable guy that will protect you. He’s a protector. That’s the label I would give him."

- Matt Bischoff - "He’s a mountain biker guy. He’s tatted up, real alternative looking, and so likable out of the gate. Instantly I think people are going to root for him. He’s got a great head on his shoulders. He approaches people with empathy and yet he’s in a game where sooner or later the empathy is going to get you or your gonna get rid of it. And I think people are going to like him."

- Sherri Biethman - "40, married, an entrepreneur, attractive, loves to flirt, has built her own businesses. She’s out here and she’s not really someone we’ve had on before — a woman that is successful in business, is a mom, has a loyal marriage and wouldn’t hesitate to flirt with a younger guy if it gets her further. And her husband is all about it! When we were getting ready to start the show, some people will read The Bible, some people will read a survival journal, she was reading '50 Shades of Grey'."

- Eddie Fox - "There’s this guy Eddie from New Jersey. He’s a firefighter/EMT with the greatest smile, ripped body. He’s east coast all the way. The minute you meet him you know you could have him over for dinner and he wouldn’t embarrass you. You know he would throw himself in front of a truck for you, and you know if he gets to the end he will get the money because of that, because he’s just likable."

- Michael Snow - "He’s a corporate event planner and again, a guy I have never really seen on the show He’s really positive, loves the show, loves the devilishness of the show and can’t wait to play. And he gets it. He knows how to play the game. And they’re all wondering, are they going to be separated? And everyone is very apprehensive about what the new twist will be or if there will be a new twist this year."

- Laura Alexander - "Laura Alexander is very bright. The question is, is she too bright for her own britches? She calls herself a smart, hot chick, which she says are very rare. She’s got a great opinion of herself and she definitely knows the game. There is no question the fans know how to play Survivor and they are ready to give the Favorites a full-on run for their money."

What do you think of this crop of competitors? Do you think they stand a chance against the returning players?

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Written by: kyleiam
Feb 8th, 2013, 11:04 am

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Message Posted On Feb 13th, 2013, 9:37 pm
Shamar Thomas could be one of the more interesting castaways this season, but he may already have a target on him because of his size and political views. Sherri Biethman could also be a real contender because she sounds like a real game player. I am going to miss the premiere tonight because I have to work late at DISH, but I am going to watch it on the way home. I love how I can stream programs from my DVR to my iPad with DISH Anywhere because those long train rides go by so much faster when I have my favorite shows to pass the time with.
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