Fans battle blizzard for chance to see Justin Bieber on 'SNL'

BieberThis weekend, Justin Bieber is scheduled to be both the host and the musical guest on NBC's Saturday Night Live - obviously some pro-Canadian move by Lorne Michaels to cut into opportunities for poor Americans just trying to get a break.

Fans have been waiting outside, hoping to land standby tickets to this weekend's SNL performance. Not a big deal usually - but right now, New York City is about to be bombarded by a winter blizzard. Twenty-to-30 fans are (as of noon today) line-up for the chance to get tickets, despite pleas from security to remove themselves for safety sake.

“He has swag, that’s worth three nights of blizzard," said one of the brave/crazy people, Dana Arcizy of New Hampshire. "Security was trying to convince us to leave. I think they don't want to be working in the snow. They were like, 'You don't really have a good chance of getting tickets. You are probably going to be ordered to leave.’ But we made it this far, why leave now?”

There is a happy ending to this tale. Saturday Night Live will be handing out the tickets tonight, at 11 p.m. Usually they wait until Saturday morning at 7 a.m to do so, but are making this change to keep people safe.


Would you wait for tickets in these conditions? If so, how whom?

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- Justin Bieber

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 8th, 2013, 1:10 pm

Images courtesy of NBC

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