James Lipton talks 'Arrested Development'

LiptonEveryone who has seen an episode of Inside the Actors Studio (or Will Ferrell playing him on Saturday Night Live) knows that James Lipton loves talking about the art of acting.

It just usually is not Lipton talking about his own acting.

But the actor (who is 86 years old!!) will be heading in front of the camera to reprise his role as Warden Stefan Gentles on Netflix's (that feels weird still) Arrested Development in May.

"I'm coming up pretty soon in one of the most talked about series in the history of television," Lipton said recently. "I'm back on Arrested Development — just brace yourself."

Lipton also recently did a guest starring turn on ABC's Suburgatory. Why did he decide to do some acting work, when he is best known for his interviewing?

"I began as an actor so I love acting," he said. "I went out to California for a week and already shot the show — I absolutely love it!"

Lipton is the creator and executive producer of Inside the Actor's Studio and that takes up most of his time. And while he is thankful to be appearing on Arrested Development, he personally is not a huge fan of Netflix and the ability to stream programs.

 "I don't like watching movies at home," he said. "But I like watching television at my leisure, one episode at a time, which is the way it's always been done. We'll see. The world will see."

Bravo, James Lipton. You are a treasure.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 8th, 2013, 1:20 pm

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