HBO comedy pilot 'Silicon Valley' casts nine roles

Casting has revved up on HBO's comedy pilot Silicon Valley, with nine actors joining the project recently.

Thomas MiddleditchThomas Middleditch (The Campaign) will play Thomas, a budding tech wizard who is focused, idealistic, and brilliant when writing code for software, but awkward and insecure in all other aspects of life. He moved from St. Louis to California to make his dreams come true in Silicon Valley.

TJ MillerBest known for holding the camera while running from monsters in 2008's Cloverfield, T.J. Miller has been cast as the owner of the "Hacker House" named Erlich. Described as the big fish in the small pond he created, Erlich is blessed with an intellect eclipsed only by his imperious self-satisfaction and has very little sense of self-awareness.

Josh Brener (Glory Daze) plays Thomas' best friend and confidant called Big Head, an unfortunate grade-school nickname that stuck despite his normal-sized head. Big Head earns his spot in the Hacker House — as well as the respect and adoration of Erlich — by developing an app called "Nip Alert" that somehow alerts the user to the location of women with erect nipples.

Still with us? Let's continue.

Lindsey BroadLindsey Broad, who played the temp worker that tried to seduce Jim on NBC's The Office last season, has been tapped for the first female role as Tandy, a loyal friend who would never have sex with her girlfriend's boyfriends. That's one of the strangest character traits I've ever read. She is also described as "attractive in a friendly, slightly sloppy way," whatever that means. Tandy is a realist about her desire to marry into a comfortable life, but she still has a hint of the romantic in her.

Christopher Evan Welch of the AMC series Rubicon is on board as Peter Gregory, an eccentric tech billionaire and the most successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. According to an early review of the pilot script on Ain't It Cool News, the character is modeled after Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook.

Canadian actress Amanda Crew (Sex Drive) will play Peter's head of operations named Monica, who serves as his human touch. In addition to being bright and highly competent, Monica is described as downright beautiful by Silicon Valley standards.

Angela Trimbur (The Future) has landed the role of Langdon, an unemployed publicist carrying a mountain of debt. She has given up any hope of finding the wonderful and wealthy man of her dreams in Los Angeles.

Zach WoodsAnother former Office cast member, most memorable for his creepy and cloying performance as Gabe, Zach Woods plays against type in the Silicon Valley pilot as a hard-working and enthusiastic young business executive named Jared. I guess he wasn't the Scranton Strangler after all.

Kumail Nanjiani of TNT's Franklin & Bash will portray Dinesh, a tech geek resident of Erlich's Hacker House. Looks like we have our Indian caricature as mentioned in the script review.

Set in the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success, the pilot will be directed by Mike Judge (Office Space) from a script he co-wrote with John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. The trio previously worked together on FOX's King of the Hill, the short-lived The Goode Family, and MTV's recent revival of Beavis and Butt-Head, but this is their first live-action project.

The script review on Ain't It Cool News was not very flattering, although the source noted that the script was from October so it may have been improved since then. At the time, the characters were one-dimensional stereotypes, but now that living, breathing actors have been cast in these roles, let's hope that the script has been fleshed out.

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