Billy Campbell joins Fox's 'Delirium'

CampbellAbraham Lincoln has joined the cast of Fox's new adaptation of Lauren Oliver's "Delirium" series. Or, rather, the actor who plays him in the upcoming National Geographic Channel TV movie "Killing Lincoln" has.

Billy Campbell, who starred as a politician on AMC's The Killing, will play Thomas Fineman, a wealthy conservative political figurehead who leads a lobbying group called Deliria Free America. Fineman stands against the social chaos that "deliria" brought about and encourages using brain modification to stop people from falling in love and to lead to stability and peace in society. But, as we learn more, we see that his cool demeanor is a facade that cloaks a violent streak.

Emma Roberts (Scream 4) will be the star of the pilot. She plays Lena Holoway, who falls in love (which is against the law) 95 days before her scheduled brain modification. Chaos ensues.

Karyn Usher (Touch) will write the script and executive produce the pilot for 20th Television. Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope, Mitchell Kaplan and Paula Mazur will executive produce as well.

Campbell has also appeared in Once and Again, and The 4400.

I am not familiar with the books, but this seems like an interesting concept. What do you think - worth a shot or something you will skip past?



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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 12th, 2013, 11:42 am

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Message Posted On Feb 13th, 2013, 2:39 am
Weak form of Equilibrium by Kurt Wimmer starring Christian Bale. Weak means that government oppression and intrusion in private life not so severe in Delirium as in Equilibrium. In Equilibrium everybody had to take every 12-hours emotion suppresant Procium II by neck injection. Failure to do so is a sense crime and punishable by death. Emotion inducing items such as art, music, games etc. are forbidden and routinely destroyed.
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