'Homeland' adds a new writer to the team


Has Homeland lost its pulse?

It seems like a valid question while also ridiculous at the same time. The series is already, in just two seasons, the most critically acclaimed series in Showtime history (that I can think of) and has become something of an awards magnet. Yet, critics were not thrilled with the second season, thinking it went off the tracks a bit (or a lot) at times and seemed to lose its sense of direction. Given that Dexter is (might be) ending after this upcoming season, Showtime really needs to get Homeland "fixed" if it’s going to be the network's new marquee program.

Maybe James Yoshimura can help. Yoshimura, who wrote and executive produced Treme, is joining the team as a writer on the series - the first of a potential three open spots on the creative team in preparation for the third season. He will also be a consulting producer on the series.

Alex Gansa, the showrunner, has vocally called for some new blood in the writing room. He spent the holidays looking for "the right person to fit into the group and who also can bring something to the show." Is Yoshimura that person? 

The series has already lost Meredith Stiehm, the only female writer on the show. She provided many of the details of Carrie's character (played by Claire Danes). The team reportedly wants to find a female writer to fill her spot.


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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 12th, 2013, 11:54 am

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Homeland is a show at a story crossroads. Till now the Brodie family have been as much a part of it as the CIA team. But Brodie's character has been burned, so the show really has to stay with the CIA side and move on to other things. Hopefully the writers will see this, and not have Carrie chasing him in S3.

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