Primetime Ratings, Monday, 2/11/13

The Following

CBS' Monday line-up once again wiped the floor with the competition, although by a much smaller margin than last week.

In fact, HIMYM fell nearly a whole ratings point. Rules Of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls, and Mike & Molly all took decent sized drops too. Hawaii Five-0 even dipped two tenths. Still, despite all that, every single CBS program won its timeslot anyway. The conventional wisdom is that CBS received a one-night post Superbowl bump last Monday.

On FOX, Bones fell two tenths, but the real developing story is the apparent collapse of The Following. While the show looked like a surefire hit a couple weeks ago, recent Mondays haven't been too kind. What was the damage this week? Half a point. Ouch. While the show is certainly not at Defcon 1 levels as of yet, if these large drops continue, we may not be "following" Kevin Bacon to a second season any time soon.

ABC had a good night, with The Bachelor and Castle both rising a few tenths. Unfortunately for NBC, The Biggest Loser hit a season low. Thankfully, the rapidly crashing Deception actually managed to post a small gain this week, avoiding hitting its series low for three straight weeks. As for the C-dubs, The Carrie Diaries continues to do well, only dropping a tenth from last week's series high. That didn't help 90210 however, which fell to a ghastly 0.3. No way in hell does 90210 get renewed. At least not for anything more than a really short final season.

Key: Broadcast Network - Show Name - 18-49 Rating - 18-49 Share - Total Viewers In Millions


CBS - How I Met Your Mother (N) - 3.2 - 9 - 8.98

ABC - The Bachelor (N) - 2.7 - 7 - 8.48

FOX - Bones (N) - 2.2 - 6 - 8.82

NBC - The Biggest Loser (N) - 2.0 - 5 - 5.58

CW -  The Carrie Diaries (N) - 0.5 - 2 - 1.20


CBS - Rules Of Engagement (N) - 2.8 - 7 - 8.39


CBS - 2 Broke Girls (N) - 3.6 - 9 - 10.90

FOX - The Following (N) - 2.4 - 6 - 7.79

CW - 90210 (N) - 0.3 - 1 - 0.66


CBS - Mike & Molly (N) - 3.0 - 7 - 10.50


CBS - Hawaii Five-0 (N) - 2.1 - 6 - 9.54

ABC - Castle (N) - 2.0 - 5 - 8.97

NBC - Deception (N) - 1.2 - 3 - 3.23

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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Written by: msd85
Feb 13th, 2013, 2:47 am

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emibeloryl disastrous

Message Posted On Feb 13th, 2013, 11:57 pm
Different strokes for different folks. I found The Following rather boring, and gave it away during the 3rd episode. None of the cast or characters interested me and I'm not really a serial killer fan anyway. Perhaps that "intellectual air" you mention is too much for a lot of TV audiences, including me.

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Message Posted On Feb 13th, 2013, 11:07 pm

I fail to understand why The Following hasn't yet captured the #1 rating, not only in its time slot, but in the entire weeks’ schedule! This show is movie theater quality, reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs. By interweaving college professors and infamous literary works, the story gains an intellectual air so that it can rise above attempted pegging into slasher categories. The cast is simply divine, with a long line up of A-list players. Quite the delight is the actor playing the serial killer, as it is so unexpected to see him in such a role. Even more unexpected are the many twists and turns the storyline takes, making for a nail biting and often breathless experience. Kevin Bacon is not the only one with his heart pounding! For TV thrillers, this is by far the very best ever presented.

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