'Arrow' star Stephen Amell hypes new episode

The CW's "Arrow" continues to fire on all cylinders, even with its leading man getting the injury bug in the shocking conclusion last week. Series lead Stephen Amell recently spoke with Zap2It about the unexpected developments in last week's episode and what viewers can expect in tonight's flashback-heavy story.


Oliver's confrontation with his mother over the mysterious notebook which led to husband Walter's disappearance did not go well, as the episode ended with our hooded avenger on the injured reserve. His disbelief at his mother's involvement resulted in some unfortunate hesitation on Oliver's part, which Amell feels led to his downfall. "The way he rationalizes [his mother's involvement] or attempts to deal with it is not really in keeping with how he would deal with anyone else in this situation. If that notebook belonged to Bad Guy X, the next show would open with that person at arrow-point, but that's not so much what happens with Moira," Amell said.

His injury leads to an expansion of the vigilante's inner circle. Frequent collaborator Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) was already closing in on Queen's secretive dealings, and it appears this week will find her expanding the Queen/Diggle dynamic duo into a triumphant trio. Amell is excited at the recent development, as well as the recent news that Rickards has been bumped up to a series regular for the show's second season. "[Felicity] is certainly circling the Diggle-Oliver team, if unknowingly so far," Amell explained. "I like working with her... I remember shooting my first scene with Emily, which was Guy Bee's first episode way back in early August. I just remember right off the hop talking with our producers after just being like, 'I really enjoyed that scene, not only is she a great character, but it's just a totally different speed for me. I like her dynamic. Hopefully she's involved more."

Despite Valentine's Day being right around the corner, don't expect tonight's episode to take any great strides in Oliver's love life either. Quite the opposite, says Amell, and expect further complications on that end as the season progresses. "We come to an interesting realization at the end of this episode, which is to say that every time Oliver attempts to be romantic, be it with Laurel ... with Jessica [De Gouw]'s character, the Huntress, or with Janina's character, McKenna Hall, it tends not to work out. It usually ends up, or they end up, worse off than when things started," the actor explained. "That takes Oliver to an interesting place at the end of the episode we're shooting now [episode 18], where he comes to a realization that maybe these two things can't be balanced."

Expect tonight's episode to continue to delve deeper into Oliver's extended stay on Yao Fei and, particularly, his uneasy alliance with Manu Bennett's Slade Wilson. Wilson is just one of many characters that the first season has set up for expansion in future episodes, something which Amell jokingly notes that returning characters rarely make Queen's life any better. "If there is somebody, and that person is a villain, and I don't kill that person, they come back to haunt me. I could have put an arrow in Helena Bertinelli ... because now she's back. Should I have let the Count live? Probably not. We've announced that Deadshot is coming back, though I think I thought that I offed him, and I had a chance with Chyna White, and she's back too. The moral of the story is that maybe I shouldn't have as high morals."

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Feb 13th, 2013, 9:02 am

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