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'Justified' producer reflects on latest episode

Last night's episode of "Justified" was another noteworthy one, and while the man of the hour Drew Thompson has yet to be found, plenty of chess pieces lined up in relation to the other residents of Harlan. Entertainment Weekly spoke with showrunner Graham Yost to get his thoughts on what went down.


This week saw Raylan forming an uneasy alliance with former Boyd ally Sheriff Shelby Parlow, as the two continued the hunt for Thompson, perhaps in a quid pro quo as Shelby continues to hide the thought-dead Ellen May. "It’s just to give Raylan another ally down there. I think it also cements in the audience’s mind that Shelby is serious about going after Boyd," Yost said. "[Shelby] still doesn’t know [if Ellen May will talk]. She couldn’t be protected by law enforcement if she’s not willing to say anything. She hasn’t coughed anything up yet, but he knows she’s in danger, so he’s caught in this weird middle ground."

Elsewhere, Boyd ally Colton continued to unravel as his heroin addiction coupled with his desperate search for Ellen May drove him to violence. After one of Ava's working girls blamed Colton's beating on one of her regular clients, a vengeful Johnny witnessed Colton's weathered state as he beat the client half to death. Yost teased that this could come back to bite Colton, and perhaps fuel Johnny's attempt to double-cross Boyd. "Not Max [the client] in particular, but just the fact that [Colton] did that and Johnny was there for that — Johnny could sense there was something off," Yost said.

The peak of the episode was clearly Boyd's emotional marriage proposal to love and partner-in-crime Ava under a moonlit sky. With Ava facing a crisis of conscience due to Ellen May's apparent murder, her beau sought to at least show her that he was there for support through thick and thin, a gesture that Yost says underscores one of the overarching themes of the season. "There are a bunch of pivotal episodes this season, this is certainly one of them... We knew Boyd and Ava were a devoted couple, but a proposal ups the ante. With what’s gonna happen specifically [next week], and the things they have to do, we just thought this was the time," Yost explained. "The big thing to me about that scene is when Boyd says something to the effect of, 'This is not how most people will do it, but we’re not like most people.' And Ava says, 'No, we’re not.' That’s my favorite bit in it: They know who they are. And it’s also the idea of Boyd talking about the future. Again, that’s the focus of the season — Raylan thinking about the future, Boyd thinking about the future, and Ava as well."

What did you think of this week's episode?

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Written by: kyleiam
Feb 13th, 2013, 12:01 pm

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