"Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint cast as lead in CBS pilot "Super Clyde"

British actor Rupert GrintYou would think that after seven years of magical education and a handful of life-threatening battles that Ron Weasley would be able to land a better gig than fast food. The economy is rough, I guess we all have to make sacrifices.

“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint, forever immortalized as the gangly red-headed Ronald Weasley in my mind, has been cast as the lead character in the Greg Garcia comedy pilot “Super Clyde”. Clyde, who will of course be played by Grint, is a timid and ordinary kind of guy. Clyde is a bit of a shut in, he loves comic books, and he struggles with anxiety. Clyde works in fast food, and one day, he decides he would like to become a super hero. When he inherits $100,000 a month from his Uncle Bill, Clyde decides that the perfect way to spend this cash will be to use it for good – that is, to fund his super hero adventures.

Grint has been in a few movies since wrapping up his “Harry Potter” films. Next, he can be seen in the film “The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman” with Shia LaBeouf. As for television, “Super Clyde” will be Grint’s first ever series role, besides voice work he did for a 2012 episode of “American Dad”. 

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Written by: harrisr
Feb 14th, 2013, 5:17 am

Images courtesy of CBS

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