"Grey's Anatomy's" creator Shonda Rhimes: 'We're not going to see any cast departures'

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Last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” had a lot of fans squirming in their seats and wondering if some of their favourite cast members were preparing to make their leave from Seattle Grace – or even from the show all together. After the plane crash that killed Mark and Lexie, the remaining survivors were awarded a cash settlement of $15 million dollars, each, at the loss of the hospital. In an effort to save Seattle Grace from completely closing its doors, the hospital has been put up for sale, and more than a few members of its staff are none too happy with the potential buyers.

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda RhimesDespite a few characters announcing that they were planning to quit Seattle Grace, series  creator Shonda Rhimes assures fans that “We’re not going to see any cast departures.” Dr . Alana Cahill is the woman responsible for shopping the hospital out to Pegasus, who has proved that they value the quantity of patients over the quality of care. When the survivors find out that Pegasus will likely drop out of the sale if any off the staff quit, the plane crash survivors lead by Derek to tender their resignations. "Cahill has a profound effect on the future of the hospital, where it goes, what happens and how it works," Rhimes says. "Everybody is in agreement about the fact that they're not thrilled with what Cahill is doing or the outcome of what she wants to do."

Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona and Cristina all plan to use their settlement cash to buy the hospital themselves instead – but it isn’t as simple as that – first they need to find a partner. "You're going to see them feel the burden of what they've done," Rhimes says. "It's not that they weren't right to do it, but there's definitely a sense of resentment that comes from other people because they have this money and the money has now has made everything harder for everyone else."

What do you think about the Seattle Grace doctor’s risky move?

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Feb 15th, 2013, 7:07 am

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