'Up All Night' possibly put to bed

The saga of the modestly funny and even-more-modestly rated single camera comedy "Up All Night" continues.

Up All Night

Deadline reports that the latest rumor finds the NBC comedy circling the drain, as one of its last two remaining stars is actively being courted for another project and the other star informing the network of her pregnancy. I'll leave it to you to determine which scenario applies to which actor.

To recap: The series was set to undergo an overhaul in its format during the winter hiatus of three months, resuming production in April as a more traditional multi-camera sitcom. The change seemed to be embraced by NBC executives, but less so by show creator Emily Spivey and showrunner Tucker Cawley, who both decided to bow out. The five episode experiment was also met with apprehension from its star, Christina Applegate, who last week officially left the series and its five episode multi-camera experiment.

Despite Applegate's departure, the network was poised to forge ahead with the multi-camera shake up. Then it was reported earlier this week that the show was essentially reverting to almost a second pilot stage, with the five episode order of the new format trimmed back to a single episode and the network deciding from there if it was worth moving forward. The switch in filming style wasn't the only thing poised to change, as the show's writers and NBC executives seemed interested in moving further away from focusing on the new parents at home in favor of centering on the workplace. Tough to do when Maya Rudolph's show-within-a-show was cancelled, no?

Now, with Will Arnett being seriously courted for the Greg Garcia pilot set up at CBS, all signs point to cancellation. Both Arnett and Rudolph have reportedly expressed that they were uncomfortable moving forward after Applegate's departure, and with the numerous creative changes the series has endured its tough to blame them.

In conclusion: just let it die, NBC. It's nice that the network seems to believe in a project and wants to steer it through troubled waters, but the series was never a critical or ratings darling in the first place, and when your star and two of the showrunners abandon ship it's time to do the same.

- Will Arnett
- Christina Applegate
- Maya Rudolph
- Up All Night (2011)

Written by: kyleiam
Feb 16th, 2013, 5:37 pm

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Pretty pathetic that they'll do so much for this, and completely shit on some great shows.  Their excecs must actually be Jack Donehgey.

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