First team eliminated on this season's 'The Amazing Race' discuss their departure

The first episode of CBS' 22nd of The Amazing Race is in the bag and already a team has been sent home. The duo that was sent home recently talked to the Hollywood Reporter about their departure - spoilers within for those that have not seen the episode yet.


Daniel Moss, 24, and Matthew Davis, 25, found themselves all wet when their canoe could not stop tipping over. The duo earlier decided to take a penalty during the sand castle competition, thinking they could still work things out even with the hiccup.

They thought wrong. After coming in last, the two friends from Gaffney, S.C., were heading home, back to their jobs as firefighters. 

Here are some highlights of their interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

THR: What would you do differently if you could go back and do it again?

Daniel: I don't know that we would do anything differently. The major think I would have done is I would have jumped out of the helicopter and Matt done the sand castles. Because when I started [with the sand castles], I had absolutely no plan, no theory. I was just breaking and building. Once we were eliminated, we started talking about it, and Matt said he had a theory about working in a grid section. With Matt being the brains of the team, if I had jumped out of the helicopter and he had cone the sand castles, maybe it would have been different. But taking the penalty and quitting [the sand castle challenge], all that I would do again.

THR: You weren't the only team struggling with the boat, which kept tipping over. Was it as hard as it looked?

Daniel: The canoe, it was tough. After just being out there so long in the sun, it almost felt like a mirage or going into the desert. But at that point, we were tired. Normally we canoe a lot, and we were going up against skinny little girls half our size, and I think weight had a little do to with it. One little lean to the right, and you were out of it. If you look closely, there was another guy on the back with us, so there were three grown men in that canoe.

THR: At the end of last night's episode, you said you were probably going to get some grief from your fellow firefighters for the way it went down. Have you heard from them yet?

Daniel: We haven't gotten back to work yet [since the episode aired], but several guys from the fire station watched with us, and when they aired the last quote of the show, they laughed and said, "You better get ready."

- The Amazing Race

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 18th, 2013, 1:13 pm

Images courtesy of CBS

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