Journalist strike shakes up BBC's morning


For one morning, the journalists won. 

British journalists at the British Broadcasting Corporation are in the midst of a 24-hour strike designed as a protest for job cuts recently at the broadcaster. The BBC called the cuts a way to cut back on "compulsory redundancies" throughout the company.

The strike affected shows on both the television and the radio. BBC One's Breakfast program was replaced by a short news update, BBC News programming and a repeate of Escape to the Country. 

On Radio 4, the show Today did not run, as the station instead aired brief news updates and reruns of archival programing.

The strikes are taking place at the BBC's offices in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow. Thirty people were released in the cost cutting move, which led to the National Union of Journalists calling for the strike. 

This is part of a larger move on the BBC's behalf, as it looks to cut nearly 2,000 positions over the next five years. These were the first 30 cuts.

"We are disappointed that the NUJ has gone ahead with today’s strike and apologize to our audience for the disruption to services," the BBC said in a statement. "Unfortunately industrial action does not alter the fact that the BBC has significant savings targets and as a consequence may have to make a number of compulsory redundancies. We have made considerable progress in reducing the need for compulsory redundancies through volunteers, redeployment and canceling vacant positions, and we will continue with these efforts."

- BBC one

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 18th, 2013, 1:47 pm

Images courtesy of BBC One

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