'Killing Lincoln' sets National Geographic Channel record

LincolnOne-hundred and forty-eight years after his death, Abraham Lincoln is as hot as he ever has been. The American icon was the subject of Steven Spielberg's latest film, "Lincoln," which is expected to clean up at the Academy Awards this coming Sunday night.

In addition to that film, the National Geographic Channel debuted its drama about the 16th president last night, "Killing Lincoln." The film, which stars Billy Campbell as Lincoln, focuses on his assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth (Jesse Johnson) and his fellow conspirators. Based on Bill O'Reilly's best-selling (if inaccurate, per Fords Theatre) book of the same name and narrated by Tom Hanks, the film pulled down the highest rating in the history of the network, drawing an average of 3.4 million viewers - a 175 percent increase from what it typically draws in that timeslot.

“Killing Lincoln was our latest effort to expand the original programming we present on the National Geographic Channel, while still maintaining the brand values viewers expect from us,” said National Geographic Channels president Howard T. Owens. “The success we saw last night proved that authentic and entertaining are not mutually exclusive, and I think we’ve tapped into a new genre of factual drama that clearly resonates with our audience. Our record ratings would not have been possible without our partnership with Bill O’Reilly, Scott Free Productions and the incredible team that worked on this production.”

O'Reilly's book "Killing Kennedy" will be adapted by the network, as well.

Anyone see the movie? What did you think?


- Killing Lincoln

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 18th, 2013, 10:11 pm

Images courtesy of National Geographic Channel

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