"Biggest Loser" love: Which two contestants are a couple in real life?

Nichols and Morillo

Two “Biggest Loser” contestants not only lost weight on this season of the show, but they found love! Awww! Contestants Jeff Nichols and Francelina Morillo told PEOPLE that after becoming best friends during their time on the ranch, their relationship blossomed into something much more when the cameras turned off!

"Our stories are similar, so we had a lot in common," said Nichols. "And then we became best friends as time went on at the ranch. After the show finished filming, we realized it was going to be very difficult to be apart from one another. We realized there was something there more than friends and we just decided to act on it." 

The cast and crew of “The Biggest Loser” had some sneaking suspicions that love might have been blooming between the two when they were filming, but Nichols and Morillo insisted on keeping things as professional as possible while they lived on the ranch. "We didn't ever want our romantic interest to be a feature item on the actual show itself because we were there to work on ourselves," Nichols says. "That's what the show is about and that's what it promotes." 

The couple officially got together when Nichols was visiting Morillo in New York. They shared their first kiss on New Year’s Eve when the ball dropped. "We try to see each other as much as we can," Morillo says. "It's great just knowing that the person you care about so much is also going through the same exact thing. So it's only bringing us closer. The bond that I have with him is amazing." 

The couple has more in common than their weight loss battles as well, both having tragically lost their fathers to cancer at the age of 17. "We both reacted in the same way," says Morillo. "We shut down and then we got on this show and started opening up and sharing our feelings and blossoming. We did that together. Looking at each other, it's like looking in the mirror. Looking at him gives me hope for myself. We're just so proud of each other and we just admire each other so much that it just works." 

- The Biggest Loser

Written by: harrisr
Feb 19th, 2013, 5:36 am

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