LOST's Titus Welliver Cast in New NBC Pilot 'Midnight Sun'

Titus Welliver the Man in BlackTitus Welliver's career has been prolific, it's undeniable; but there's one role he'll always be remembered for: the Man in Black on LOST. When Welliver first appeared as the nameless man in the fifth season finale of LOST, no one was quite sure who the character was. But when it was revealed that the Man in Black was the evil entity who had been working to manipulate the survivors throughout their time on the Island, Welliver's performance became one of the most intriguing aspects of the show's sixth and final season. Welliver only appeared in three total episodes of the series, believe it or not, despite being so memorable.

Now, Welliver looks to make an even bigger name for himself; he's just landed the lead role in an NBC pilot titled Midnight Sun. According to TVLine, "Welliver will play the charismatic and manipulative leader of a group — aka Midnight Sun — that lives on a cult-like commune in Alaska. After the members mysteriously disappear, a female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation uncovers a larger conspiracy."

Despite the attachment of FlashForward and The Event producer Lisa Zwerling, the pilot sounds extremely promising. It could work in the same way that Zwerling's two other failed projects didn't; it could provide intriguing plot (the conspiracy plot in a frozen place sounds a lot like the X-Files movies, doesn't it?) as well as great character development. I'm only hopeful of the latter because of Welliver's involvement, and I could well be proven wrong. 

Welliver's past credits include recurring roles on LOST, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife, Prison Break, and the HBO western series Deadwood. 

We'll keep you posted on Midnight Sun's prospects as pilot season continues. We certainly hope it makes it.

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Written by: mcpherson
Feb 22nd, 2012, 10:04 am


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he looks so familiar..and i saw every episode of will always remain a classic..and i DON'T believe anything bad about MATTHEW FOX..WOW..didn't ever hear that to do more research for VINCE FLYNN, for the interview i am doing for my will see it up this week...thank you. email me at BOOKLLOVER AT AOLfor more details..thanks
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