Justified: Check out photos from tonight's episode "Money Trap"

We're almost to the halfway point of Justified's fourth (and potentially best) season. The FX western series isn't showing a single sign of aging as it glides into the seventh episode of the season, "Money Trap," tonight. With only seven episodes left this season, things are presumably going to be heating up in the chase for the elusive Drew Thompson, who has been the spectre quiding the direction of the entire season.

"Money Trap" looks like it might be a bit of a detour from the season's arc. The synopsis certainly doesn't show any explicit connection with the ongoing storyline: "Raylan finds himself caught between a foxy grifter and an old nemesis out for revenge, while Boyd and Ava come face-to-face with the decadence of Harlan’s elite."

It sounds like a bit of a standalone, but given the rest of the season's penchant to blend standalone stories with the developing mythology, I expect we'll be getting some major plot progression, even if it comes from out of left field. 

Promotional photos from the episode show that Raylan's dad Arlo (Raymond J. Barry) is back, as is fugitive Jody Adair (Chris Chalk), who clashed with Raylan back in the season premiere. As we remember, Raylan, doing a side job to earn some money for his kid, ended up grabbing bail-jumper Jody and leaving him in the trunk of a car for a while -- almost leading to Jody's death when the car was stolen. Jody left with a bit of a grudge, and it looks like he's back with a vengeance this week. 

Check out the photos from "Money Trap" below. The episode airs tonight at 10/9c on FX. 



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Written by: mcpherson
Feb 19th, 2013, 12:37 pm

Images courtesy of FX

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