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'Game of Thrones' exhibition to tour the world, featuring props, costumes, and the Iron Throne

You know what would really make your Facebook friends jealous? A profile photo of yourself seated atop the Iron Throne, looking like the ruler of Westeros. They'll lose their heads with envy!

If you live in Toronto, New York, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, or Belfast, you might just get that chance, because having your photo taken on the Iron Throne is one part of the exciting Game of Thrones touring exhibition, which will be kicking off next month. 

The exhibition will also feature costumes and props from the series (Joffrey's crown, Ned Stark's sword Ice), and what promises to be a fascinating "Blackwater Bay Interactive Experience," which will give fans "an opportunity to participate in an exciting interactive experience that will place them amid the action of the epic battle of Blackwater Bay from season 2." We have no idea how they plan to do that, but it seems totally cool to me. 

The exhibition will start off in Toronto on March 9, where it will run for a week before packing up and moving to New York, where it will be from March 28 to April 3 (just in time for the season 3 premiere on March 31). 

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is next from April 25 to the 30 (though these dates are noted as subject to change). The exhibition will be in Amsterdam from May 19 to the 27 before ending in Belfast from June 8 through the 17th. 

You can head over to WinterIsComing.net to check out the full press release, as well as details for each city and location. 

Game of Thrones season 3 will premiere March 31 on HBO. 

- Game of Thrones
- Peter Dinklage

Written by: mcpherson
Feb 19th, 2013, 7:01 am

Images courtesy of HBO

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