Patton Oswalt to guest star on "Parks and Recreation"

Patton Oswalt

Leslie Knope is about to get some competition in the form of a small and mighty constructionist. Patton Oswalt will be guest starring on “Parks and Recreation” in the role of Garth Blundin, an opponent of Leslie Knope’s, and things are going to get a bit historical.

In the episode, Leslie (Amy Poehler) has some problems with the town charter which was written in the early 1800’s and has more than a few outdated laws. She introduces a bill in City Council that will alter the town charter and give it some much needed “sprucing up”, as she says. As explained by “Parks and Recreation” series producer Michael Schur, “Patton plays a guy who is a strict constructionist. He has sort of an Antonin Scalia-attitude toward the town charter: The charter was a document written by the founders of the town and it should remain exactly the way it was. He challenges Leslie on trying to make changes to things, and then the two of them get into a contest to see who see who is right.”

Oswalt, who is a stand-up comedian on top of being an actor, had no problem working with his character Schur says. “He did some of the funniest improvs I think I’ve ever seen in my life on the show. It was right in Patton’s wheelhouse, because he loves talking about crazy stuff, like 200-year-old laws.”


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Written by: harrisr
Feb 21st, 2013, 5:39 am

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