Tricia Helfer talks 'Community' guest spot

Caprica Six invades "Community" tonight! The Greendale friends attend an "Inspector Spacetime" convention in this week's episode, and science fiction favorite Tricia Helfer will join them. The actress spoke with IGN about the role and what viewers can expect to see.

Tricia Helfer on Community

Helfer expressed excitement about venturing into comedy, a genre that she has rarely explored as an actress, and jumped at the chance to work on the cult favorite series. "I hadn’t done much comedy, and it’s something I’d certainly like to do more of in the future. It was just fun, and it also had kind of a fun tie-in to have a sci-fi genre actor in one of the roles, because of the episode being at an 'Inspector Spacetime' convention," Helfer said. "But for me, just a chance to work with Joel [McHale], who I think is absolutely lovely and very funny... It’s why I signed on, no questions asked."

She continued, "They sent me the script and were like, 'It’s a small role, but it’s funny,' and I thought the script was really funny. Playing Lauren, you don’t expect her to pull the wool over Jeff’s eyes a little bit in the beginning, until he realizes, 'Whoa, this chick’s a little bit more intense than I thought she was going to be!'"

Helfer's character finds her on the other side of the autograph table, moving from genre fan favorite to genre super fan. She teased about her intense character, "It is almost the ones that are the Lauren type that are more, not worrisome, but the ones that kind of catch you by surprise. The ones that are there dressed up and all hanging out, so to speak, you know they’re going to be there having fun, and they come there for that. Then there are the ones that sneak up on you, that you don’t quite expect," she explained. "At the last convention I went to, there was this guy that walked up with confidence, and everything was fine. Then he got there, and he just lost the ability to speak. You could see him getting more crimson, and he tried to say something, but all that came out was, 'I don’t really know what to say now.' Then he turned around and walked away. But Lauren’s generally the type that if you spent a little more time with her, she might turn out to be on the crazy side, and there aren’t too many of those."

Don't miss "Battlestar Galactica"'s Tricia Helfer tonight on "Community"!

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This season of Community has been TERRIBLE.  What a fall from grace.

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