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Jon Stewart criticizes John McCain flip-flop


For better or worse, many Americans get their news nowadays from Jon Stewart. While his show on Comedy Central, The Daily Show, is comedic in tone, it does address various issues that are troubling this country.

Case in point, last night he discussed the Republican Party's efforts to filibuster the nomination of former senator (and former Republican) Chuck Hagel for the position of Secretary of Defense. Their efforts are an attempt to demand answers from President Barack Obama about what happened in Benghazi last fall (questions that have been answered, just not to their liking). 

Leading this charge are Senators Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) and John McCain (Arizona), two men who are not huge Obama fans. 

Stewart criticized McCain's involvement, saying that McCain had previously said he was "Country First" - which was even his slogan during his 2008 presidential campaign (where he was defeated soundly by Obama).

"Blocking a secretary of defense nominee who has absolutely nothing to do with the target of your current rediscovered outrage at American deaths oversees whilst also copping to maybe a little personal payback is the antithesis of your stated campaign slogan," Stewart said in criticism of McCain.

Additionally, McCain defended Operation Iraqi Freedom and did not see the need to further investigate Iraq's nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Stewart aired a ton of clips illustrating McCain making that point.

Hagel criticized former President George W. Bush in those areas, which brought him a lot of criticism from the Republican Party. Is this their way of getting even with him?

Do you agree with what Stewart said? To see the entire segment, click here.

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Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 21st, 2013, 9:35 am

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Mostly I do, yes.

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