Chris Patten states betrayal during Jimmy Savile scandal

BBCThe Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal has shaken the British Broadcasting Corporation to its core, as people wonder how such (alleged) incidents could happen for so long at the company without anyone stepping up and putting an end to it. Further complicating things is a lack of openness in getting the truth out once the dominos began to fall.

BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten is one of the people who feels victimized in this messy ordeal, as he believed a report drafted by top BBC executives that he says portrayed the broadcaster as doing more investigation into the scandal and intending to be more open about it.

Patten's "betrayal" is part of the evidence that was given to an independent review led by former Sky News head Nick Pollard that investigated the handling of the scandal and the fallout from the BBC's decision to scrap a Newsnight report about the allegations against Savile.

While the full transcripts of testimony are scheduled to be released tomorrow, the BBC is working furiously to redact testimony given by witness, citing concerns of defamation.

Does the BBC have anyone working for it who understands PR, even a little bit? The answer to lacking transparency is not to create more barriers and walls. The BBC is doing harm to its image that is never going to be fixed.

- Chris Patten (1)
- Jimmy Savile
- BBC one

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 21st, 2013, 9:50 am

Images courtesy of BBC One

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