Discovery to air "Argo" documentary Saturday


Sunday is a big night for actor/filmmaker Ben Affleck, as the third film he has directed, "Argo," is nominated for seven Academy Awards, including the film itself for best picture (Affleck was robbed of a nomination for best director).

The insane story behind the movie will be the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary that airs Saturday night, one day before the Oscars. The documentary will show viewers what really happened on the operation to save six Americans from Iran in 1978. Without revealing too much, American and Canadian forces worked together to pose as a film crew that went into the hostile country and removed the Americans.

Bryan Cranston, who appeared in Affleck's film as CIA manager Jack O'Donnell, will narrate "Argo: Inside Story" for Discovery. The documentary originally aired in 2002 but has been updated, including new interviews with people involved in the operation, including CIA agent Tony Mendez. 

Mendez explains how he came up with the plan, including details such as forging documents in the office of the Canadian Amabassador.

“One of the stamp pads had dried out and I had to mix the right ink color,” Mendez says. “So I went over to the Canadian ambassador’s liquor cabinet and got a bottle of Scotch and poured some on [the pad].”

The film will air at 10 p.m. Saturday and at noon Sunday.

- Bryan Cranston
- Discovery Channel

Written by: Hamatosan
Feb 21st, 2013, 10:00 am

Images courtesy of Discovery Channel

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