'Survivor' host talks latest episode

The Fans discovered the tenuous nature of Tribal Council on last night's "Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs Favorites." Host Jeff Probst spoke with Entertainment Weekly about this week's developments on Survivor island.

Survivor: Caramoan

One of the episode's cheekier moments featured Team Crazy Person Philip hyping up his teammates as they mugged for the camera. It was a departure from the series' traditional format, but the host saw it as a unique way to set this season apart from the rest. "We rarely do it, in fact I can’t think of another time. But being that it was Former Federal Agent Philip Shepard and the favorite tribe all having played before — it was just a fun moment and was clearly telling the story of what was happening," Probst said.

Another aspect that stood out this week was former Marine Shamar bragging about taking things easy while his tribemates worked. The lazy outlook took Probst and the other showrunners by surprise. Probst explained, "Shamar was put on the show for exactly the opposite reason — he is an American hero. He fought for our country, he protested down on Wall Street. We had absolutely no idea he was going to react in such a manner. I honestly thought he would be one of the audience favorites out of the gate. It just proves once again that you really cannot predict with any kind of certainty how someone will react in the game until they are actually in the game."

As the Fans headed to their first Tribal Council, one of the castaways discovered the hidden immunity idol and proceeded to buck good strategy in favor of threatening to play it immediately. Probst sees the move as potentially hindering Reynold's game so early on, but notes that flushing out the idol is never an easy task. "There are so many variables in the game that anytime you change a vote or split a vote there is risk that someone either screws up or doesn’t go along with the plan," he said. "Idols seem so easy to get rid of – just 'flush' them out, what’s the big deal? But there have been so many game changing moments tied to idols that everyone is very gun shy – and rightfully so!"

What did you think of tonight's episode?

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Feb 21st, 2013, 10:05 am

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