'Once Upon a Time' to get potential spinoff, featuring recast Mad Hatter

ABC's been having a rough year, especially when it comes to new shows. Even the best of its freshman dramas (Last Resort) was cancelled, while others, like Nashville, are barely hanging on in the ratings. We won't even talk about new series Zero Hour, which has proven to be severely lacking with both critics and ratings. So here's a solution to this slump that ABC has been throwing around: double down on what works. Specifically, double down on Once Upon a Time, its moderately successful fairytale drama that is currently in the middle of its second season. A spin-off of the series is reportedly being considered. 

The focus of the spinoff will be the Mad Hatter, a character who has popped up on the series before -- though he'll be a different version of the character. Actor Sebastian Stan, who played the Hatter in the past, can't continue in the role due to scheduling conflicts. Whoever is cast in the Once Upon a Time role will also be leading a potential new series. 

Of course, this is all very tentative. A pilot hasn't even been ordered yet, and it's possible that it will either air as a standalone or as an episode of Once Upon a Time (serving as a backdoor pilot). If the show does get picked up to series, it will retain Once Upon a Time's showrunners -- Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will helm both shows. 

Of course, with Once Upon a Time's ratings flagging just a bit with its second season, it's probably not smart to make any bets yet. Having said that, a series focusing on Lewis Carroll's insane fantasy world of Wonderland might just be the kick of bizarreness that network television needs. 

What do you think? Would you watch a Mad Hatter spinoff, or should Once Upon a Time stick to just being one series? 

The next episode of Once Upon a Time, "The Queen Is Dead," airs March 3 on ABC. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Feb 22nd, 2013, 8:43 pm

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Message Posted On Feb 28th, 2013, 9:24 pm
It's a nice time - everything can go anywhere. It could never happen. Or it could materialize as weak half-assed spiteful back door pilot in OUAT (with network execs screwing up story by endless interruption because they want this shit to succeed so badly). Or maybe, just maybe, we all have infinitely small chance to get strong dramatic series closely interconnected with OUAT. We have a shot on doubly thick story with crossover storylines. I don't talk about half assed episodes with couple of actors from one CSI show visiting another CSI show. I talk about shows in the same universe with truly deep connection between characters and story.

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Message Posted On Feb 23rd, 2013, 4:47 am


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